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Fin de las clases de Astrobiology...

Pues ahora me entero de que no hay autobús para TESCO, la gran superficie dónde se puede comprar casi de todo a buen precio. Así que a ver por google maps dónde está y a ir a pie a buscarla...

  1. TESCO...
No hace frío, pero el paisaje sigue siendo muy parecido a estos últimos tres meses, solo que nieva de noche, mientras duermes. 

No es como Suecia, pero nieve, aquí no les falta.

Acabé el curso de Astrobiology, y les dejé en el foro dirgjido a los profesores, un mensaje-duda tal como este: (Esta en inglés, pero google translator hace maravillas): 

Id a google dadle al botón de "Más", dadle a Traductor, copiad y pegad el texto, elegid el idioma de entrada y el idioma de salida y dadle a traducir.... Lo traduce así así...
Bueh, también mi inglés es como, ya os dije, como el orco escrito, que no pronunciaré aquí.



"It was a very interesting course and I have enjoyed it a lot. I have to thank to all the responsibles and organizers of the course, specially our professor Dr. Cockell.

Firstly, sorry for this long post, and let me clarify that I think/know that no extraterrestrial contact have been done with human in the whole human history and prehistory (I don´t have an opinion if an extraterrestrial intelligence have studied or not our planet in the Cambric era, for example), but I have enough coherence and knowledge in order to understand that evolution (mutation, endosimbiosys, migration, speciation, sexual reproduction etc) and extintions are enough to cause the origin and the development of life, and all the biodiversity we have in the biosphere from inorganic compounds and energy with no intelligence manipulation. So my question don´t have any intention which is not curiosity, and it is not related to any conspiration and/or religions. I can confirm here that I am atheist and scientist (the last, until I will not have financiation). (Could be necessary to clarify this in order to make the question).

With your permission, I send you here a message to Dr. Charles Cockell, Dr. Jesse Harrison and/or Dr. Casey Bryce. It is a question that possibly is also interesting to other members of the forum.
So, the question is, what is the most probable hypothesis that you think could explain the abscence of contact human-extraterrestrial civilization from X year to 2013, for an astrobiologyst point of view?

I know the reasons which were mentioned in the last lesson, but let me explain my point of view: I can´t believe that the reasons explained in the last lesson could explain this silent in all the cases of the possible civilizations of our galaxy (And I am only talking about our galaxy...), and I can´t believe that our galaxy is empty of very sophisticated (technological and social) civilizations. I could not understand that the destiny of all the civilizations is the extintion (except becasue a possible future Big Crunch). It is possible that they could want we out of a "galaxy club", but this is not a reason to avoid contacts with us. It is difficult to understand that they are busy with very extreme wars (No problems with resources in a galaxy for a very sophisticated civilization, I assume), it is difficult to understand that they are not interested on other civilizations as our civilization, even they are contacting or transferring knowledge with other/s, if they are very sophisticated, I assume that they could not be afraid of our weapons, wars and/or violence, and they shouldn´t be afraid of the consequences to human civilization of sending us a simple signal, saying "Hi" (The consequences of this simple message could be good for peace on Earth, not bad). I think that any civilization couldn´t keep a study of other/s civilization/s without interfering them, because contact thm is tremendously more interesting.

I assume that sizes and biological cycles of "people" of an extraterrestrial civilization are not a problem to get contact with us. And finally, I assume that even they were machines, they will be interested on we as they were life forms. 

So, my opinion is that we are in very bad conditions to make these contacts possible, and it is also frustrating. 

What I think it is happening is that we are outside the whole capitals of the extraterrestrial civilizations, and actually they are in a very high density in one part or few parts of the galaxy, far from our solar system, they are not in troubles, they are not in war, they are not busy, they have enough technology, time and interests to contact us but they think they have found all the civilizations in our galaxy. For me, the idea of a high density civilization which have finish their attempts to find civilizations in this galaxy is more plausible than an empty galaxy...

The other thing that could happens is that we are completely wrong in the way we are looking for extraterrestrial messages, and they are thinking: "But, what happens with them?, hey, we are here!. Come on, check your TV... For now, we can´t go there, finantial problems..." Well, this last commentary was a little joke.

So, now, please. Looking for serious answers, I need to send you the question. What is your personal opinion? Could be my only chance to hear for an specialist personal opinion about it, out of any documentary.

Again, thank you very much to the responsibles and organizers of this very interesting course, and see you when we will find double RNA (6 Nitrogen bases) annelids on Europa... Or fighting against other biped extraterrestrial life forms in other planet/moon... Who knows?"

Arnau Rodríguez Illamola

Tal vez no me hagan ni caso, pero eso es lo que pasa con el programa SETI. Enviar mensajes y no recibir respuestas, una frustración de trabajo me imagino, la verdad sea dicha. La señal WOW!, pues que la mayoría de los astrobiólogos ya la consideran un error de registro, sin más. Y la han amontonado en los Expedientes X sin resolver. Otra decepción. Ahora dicen que en Marte puede que haya agua líquida en alguna estación del año, y en la superficie o no muy profunda. Mi pregunta es: ¿De dónde se saca el calor para mantener su estado líquido?

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