miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Aún no llegó la nieve...

- Ey, Chupi... ¿Quieres fuet?

- ¿Te estás quedando conmigo?

Aún no llegó la nieve. Pero la espero con imapciencia...

3 comentarios:

  1. Arnau is waiting for the snow.....well, me also !!! Every year we had ´´white christmas´´ and it was so nice, so calm. But during several last years we can see how the weather has changed. It is horrible, the nature is suffering. Here, in the Czech republic, we miss especially WATER! Because during last years we have much less rain and much less snow. The weather is quite warm. Well, this November was uncredible with 15*C outside!!!!!!! Maybe we will have some snow during December, but the meteorologists expect outside temperature around +5*C, which means that if the snow appears, in several minutes diseppears again! Because it needs below zero temperature! Well, so, let´s wait to January.....because, so far, in case of snow December probably will not be promissing....... how knows..... It is VERY STRANGE for czech person to see green grass during December : (

  2. ...fortunately, I don´t trust much to meteorologists... So, I still have hope that Christmas could be with snow : )